We take you through a tried and proven process to enable the commercialisation of your idea faster. Your project may require some or all of the following:

Frequently asked questions

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Our primary interest is in seeing technologies grow to valuable assets which can then become available as products in the market. We take a genuine interest in your technology and in delivering value to our clients. We offer a range of engagement options from standard fee structures to broader equity sharing arrangements.

Working with a team of experienced professionals with established networks to the resources you need can greatly accelerate your path to market. It is often more valuable to work with a team of technology and business experts who can guide and mentor you through the commercialisation process, than it is to persist on your own.

We have closed licensing transactions in as little as three months, while other transactions can take much longer.

A passion for your technology together with the determination to work through the ups and downs of the commercialisation process. We will help you do the rest - and work with you to minimise risks and make the process as enjoyable as possible.

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We engage with clients at all levels; from independent inventors to large corporates looking to launch a new product. Ideally you will need to be "in possession" of the technology, which means it will need to be developed enough to be described in a patent.

Commercialisation is the process of taking knowledge, research & technology to the marketplace and generating a profitable return.

Put simply, licensing is the granting of permission by the owner to a licensee to use (not own) that technology under agreed terms and conditions, for a defined purpose, in a defined territory and for an agreed period of time.  The terms of the agreement are the subject of a commercial negotiation and the value of the licence will be determined by factors such as the quality of the technology and the strength of its patent.

1. It all starts with your idea

Every product starts with an idea. Ideas can only be developed into a fully functioning, marketable prototype with the support of a number of key experts along the journey.

2. Market and competitor intelligence

Inner Maven will help position your product into a competing market place through the analysis of the market, competing products and of the needs of the users of your product.

3. Protect your idea

In most cases it will be useful to protect your idea. Your Intellectual Property (IP) can be protected in a number of different ways and Inner Maven will provide you with the right path in this step.

4. Go to market strategy

Inner Maven will help you to determine the most profitable and best path to market for your technology early and think laterally about how your technology may reach the market.

5. Corporate structure and governance

Often it will be best to form a company which will act as the commercialisation vehicle for your idea, but other options are available and may be preferred depending on your circumstances and investor relationships. Inner Maven will work with you to ascertain the best corporate structure to be the platform for your product.

6. Build your brand

Identifying, developing and committing to your brand early will keep you focused on the ethos supporting the idea and its commercialisation.

7. Financial modelling

Understanding the financial costs and projected revenues required to develop your idea is important. Inner Maven can help you develop the right financial model to enable you to build and test assumptions and understand how your technology will work in the market place.

8. Business plan and marketing pack

Your Business Plan should be a living document which evolves over time as you research your market, your IP position and understand your financial and market entry requirements. Inner Maven will help you start this plan with a simple approach to cover the main key objectives. This ensures that the commercialisation process starts early and with greater momentum.

9. Funding

In what is becoming an extremely competitive environment, Inner Maven will help you to secure the right partner that suits your product from the increasingly sophisticated and selective investors available. Funding sources include government, private investors, venture capital, equity partners and more. The advantages, disadvantages, the approach and negotiating skills, and what the funding partner can bring to the project will differ from one to the next. It is important to make sure that the investor is bringing more than just cash.

10. Contracts and negotiation

Regardless of the path you take to market, Inner Maven and its legal partners can help you enter into the right type of contractual agreement with the other parties involved in the idea in order to progress your technology towards its commercial outcome.

11. Building relationships

Relationship and people management, together with clear communication are fundamental skills to a successful and enjoyable commercialisation experience. When getting started, Inner Maven will help you to build strong relationships with the many professionals involved with your project such as commercial, legal and technical experts, as well as mentors, in order to progress your technology to market. As your technology advances through its various stages of development and commercialisation, Inner Maven will be by your side to build those relationships as you expand your team to include manufacturers, international advisors, licensing partners, investors and others.