I have worked with Anabela and her team at Inner Maven for 2 years. Upon starting we knew nothing about the Australian market, its sales process's, it's potential or the intricacies of setting up an Australian division that maximises revenue and claims all available research rebates. Anabela provided us with a clear strategy and operational path. She managed the entire process from the beginning and advised us on all aspects from the smallest (where to locate a business address) to large rollouts of new technology and products. The advantages she provided by advising on all tax rebates made her a valuable resource indeed. As she had been with us from a small team she was happy to undertake responsibilities in all areas of the business and managed clients, marketing, sales, clinical research, logistics and relationships with our partners. She is a joy to work with and I can recomend her and her team to anyone thinking of doing business in Australia.

Sales Manager (Australia/NZ)

Cancer Diagnostics company


Anabela successfully guided me through a commercial license with a German medical device company. My own experience was completely positive. Anabela was very passionate about commercialising my technology.  This passion made her interested and extremely attentive to the small details of the process.  Her communication skills are exceptional.  In particular she was a good listener and ensured she knew my expectations and goals. I increasingly relied on Anabela to manage most of the written communications with the German company, as it saved me both time and money.

I highly recommend working with Anabela. She is an exceptional performer and passionate about commercialising intellectual property.

Dr. Christopher Mitchell

Director & CEO Coco Research Pty Ltd


Anabela’s extensive knowledge and experience in technology commercialisation enabled her to step into a wide range of incomplete commercialization projects and be effective in pursuing them to closure.  She has an excellent grasp of the technical, IP, legal and commercial issues that need to be woven together, combined with the professionalism, drive and tact required for successful consulting. I would recommend Anabela to anyone with a need for technology commercialisation support.  

Ian Christensen

General Manager AutoCRC

(formerly COO, Molecular Plant Breeding CRC)


Anabela worked with me in the wind up of a large and complex collaborative research consortium.  Throughout this challenging assignment Anabela demonstrated the utmost professionalism and maintained at all times a sharply-focused, results-driven approach.  There were many situations which required a combination of intelligence, tenacity and tact and Anabela excelled in all these situations.   Many aspects of this assignment required an in-depth understanding of intellectual property management and Anabela navigated through many complications with ease.  Technology commercialisation is obviously a strong point for Anabela and she combines this with a highly pragmatic approach to doing business which maximises the chances of getting a successful outcome.  I strongly commend her services to anyone who needs advice on technology commercialisation and deal making.  I would certainly work with Anabela again.

Dr. Glenn Tong FAICD

Director & Principal Biotech Smarts Pty Ltd


Anabela did a fantastic job with our group. I imagine we were a challenging group with very limited business experience. Anabela did an incredible job keeping us focussed, which is an incredible achievement in itself. I know it's not common for people to acknowledge great efforts, but Anabela's efforts were truly appreciated. 

Nunzio Mancuso 

Director of a Cancer Therapeutics Company


As someone who came to Inner Maven literally as 'a guy with a (business) idea', the team at Inner Maven helped to guide and craft MealDish from a wireframe prototype through to a live, growing start-up business. Much of our success to date can be attributed to Inner Maven. They were key in assisting MealDish to flesh out business and commercialisation strategies, set up key business partnerships, and opened up new opportunities.

Scott Ko

Director of MealDish 












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