Where do I start?

Call us to arrange a confidential discussion or send us an email.


What are the costs?

Our primary interest is in seeing technologies grow to valuable assets which can then become available as products in the market. We take a genuine interest in your technology and in delivering value to our clients. We offer a range of engagement options from standard fee structures to broader equity sharing arrangements. 


How long is the process?

Working with a team of experienced professionals with established networks to the resources you need can greatly accelerate your path to market. It is often more valuable to work with a team of technology and business experts who can guide and mentor you through the commercialisation process, than it is to persist on your own. 

We have closed licensing transactions in as little as three months, while other transactions can take much longer.


What do I need to get started?

A passion for your technology together with the determination to work through the ups and downs of the commercialisation process. We will help you do the rest - and work with you to minimise risks and make the process as enjoyable as possible. 


How developed does my technology need to be?  

We engage with clients at all levels; from independent inventors to large corporates looking to launch a new product. Ideally you will need to be "in possession" of the technology, which means it will need to be developed enough to be described in a patent . 


What is commercialisation?

Commercialisation is the process of taking knowledge, research & technology to the marketplace and generating a profitable return. 


What is licensing?

Put simply, licensing is the granting of permission by the owner to a licensee to use (not own) that technology under agreed terms and conditions, for a defined purpose, in a defined territory and for an agreed period of time.  The terms of the agreement are the subject of a commercial negotiation and the value of the licence will be determined by factors such as the quality of the technology and the strength of its patent. 



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It is better to own a small percentage of a successful company than to be the sole owner of an unsuccessful company.