Medical device company 

•Inner Maven worked with an Australian based anesthetist to identify suitable licensing partners and managed the licence negotiations on behalf of the inventor.

•The negotiations were completed and an agreement for a multi million-dollar licence was executed within 4 months. 

•The anaesthetist is continuing to collect royalties today and the product has undergone 2nd generation development.  

Cancer diagnostic company 

•Inner Maven worked with a publically listed international client to identify strategic partners for a non-invasive cancer diagnostic. 

•The product was successfully licensed to a major pathology provider. 

•Inner Maven is currently acting as the Australian management company for the company and is responsible for its daily management, quarterly accounts, R&D Tax Credit and overseeing clinical trails and business development & marketing activities.   

Independent government review

•Inner Maven designed and implemented a tri-level independent review of 30 institutes and 108 facilities across Victoria.

•Inner Maven collated responses, completed a detailed report and submitted recommendations for future growth strategies.  


•Inner Maven has assisted in the management of two CRC’s IP portfolios including the identification and management of negotiations with development and licensing partners.

Health and IT (Mentoring)

•Inner Maven is currently mentoring an independent entrepreneur in the development and commercialisation of a health related IT platform. 

•Inner Maven is assisting with sourcing government funding and facilitating introductions with strategic alliances in order to secure a commercial partner for the technology.   

Independent inventor (Surgical device)

•Inner Maven is currently developing an international licence strategy and target campaign for a novel surgical device. The process involves target identification, market due diligence, and the development of financial models. 

•Inner Maven will work with the development team to identify and secure the best exit position for the technology, while steadily increasing the asset value. 

•Inner Maven will approach the market and negotiate the licence in collaboration with the inventor.   


•Inner Maven is currently developing a best practice business model & providing assistance with sourcing capital for the development of a new surgical tool.

Portfolio development

•Inner Maven is in the process of working with a local organisation in the identification of novel IP suitable for independent commercial development. 

•Inner Maven will form the company and manage commercial development and commercialisation of the technologies.   


•Inner Maven has strong relationships and provides commercialisation support to a number of Venture Capital and investment groups throughout Australia and Internationally.


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